I have been trying to improve my Pizza making skills for quite some time. The dough is good, thanks to this manual (in German), so are he other ingredients. What I am still trying to work out is the best oven situation. You simply need a lot of heat.

Recently, was experimenting on using my Weber Spirit II Gas Grill.

Variant 1: Pizza stone on the grill surface directly was ok, but the problem is to get the top nice and crisp. Simply difficult to get the heat on top since the gas is at the bottom.

Variant 2: Putting the pizza stone directly on those triangle heat deflectors. Better, since closer to the flame, but still not perfect on top.

Variant 3: My best so far. In addition to lowering the pizza stone, I put a slanted metal sheet on top. The pizza stone has a larger gap in the back where the heat rises and then the metal sheet forces the hot air towards the front over the pizza. Had to rotate the pizza during cooking as otherwise the back part would get burned too much. Below some images of the setup and of the resulting pizza (albeit what was left of it…).

On the image above you see the gap that allows air to raise on the back and then move towards the front.

And as always with those guides – use them at your own risk.

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