Still going after the perfect Pizza on the gas grill. After some improvements with the heat deflector, this time I wanted to raise the overall temperature in the grill. Even after running full power for like an hour the grill barely goes beyond 250C.

What I tried this time was to add a second layer of metal below the lid, assuming that the double wall insulates better. It was actually fairly easy to push in a thin (0.7mm) steel sheet. Only problem was that it did scratch the paint of the Weber here and there. Let’s hope this is not too bad in the long run.

Result: Maxed out at around 320C. So definitely hotter than it was before. Success!

Before installation.
Started pushing the sheet in from there, therefore could not engage it behind all of those pegs. Some brute force got it around. Not pretty but it worked.
Finally, sheet is in. Still have to fix the temperature sensor but then it is good to go.
Some tweaking to get the temperature sensor in place, but worked ok.
Final result with sheet in place

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