I use my own sharpening stones to get my kitchen knives sharp again and needed an improved storage solution. For years I have been using a similar bag, but it became too small (adding new stones over time…) and from the beginning it had some problems with sticky glue.

Time for a new bag! Got some nice leather and started sewing.

Finished with all stones inside.

The bag itself is super simple, basically just an array of open pouches where the sharpening stones are inserted. Added a slot for paper – such as info sheets that came with the knives or sharpening stones. To help me set the blade at the correct angle I made some acrylic triangles with defined angles. To store those I added one more bag for them to go.

To close the bag, just roll it and use the Velcro to close it. Make sure to check where the receiving Velcro should be – had some issues initially with placing it incorrectly. Also, think about the order of pieces you have – ideally put the smaller items at the beginning when you roll. This way the larger pieces are farther out and will not need to bend as much. Interestingly, it is already quite a long bag, but rolls into a nice, manageable size.

Quite happy with how the bag turned out and hopefully will now be set for the next years in terms of my sharpening storage setup. There are still a few pouches, so I can buy some new stones as well.

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