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Wall Bars for the Kids Playhouse

This was a nice quick projects that I think turned out pretty nice. We have a nice playhouse for the kids in the garden, but I thought we were lacking something for the kids to climb. Unfortunately, there are no … Continue reading

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ESP32/BME280 based Weather Station that pushes data to MySQL database and displays and graphs it

This article describes a weather station I created that uses ESP32s with BME280 sensors to push temperature, humidity and air pressure to a web server where it is displayed online. The local sensors upload data every minute to an online … Continue reading

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Sharpening Stone Bag

I use my own sharpening stones to get my kitchen knives sharp again and needed an improved storage solution. For years I have been using a similar bag, but it became too small (adding new stones over time…) and from … Continue reading

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Leather strop case

Like to have some strop handy in the kitchen to get my knives going again and keep them sharp for a bit longer between real sharpenings. Time for a wooden box to hold it!

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Internet Mood Light Ver. 2, connection via Thingspeak

Internet Mood Light with ESP8266 and Thingspeak In the last blog post I showed how to set the light of my little Internet Mood Light via the internet. The old version used a json file as intermediary to send the … Continue reading

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Internet Mood Light

Control a Neopixel/WS2812 Ring via the Internet using the ESP8266 The moment I learned about the new ESP8266 microcontroller, I was very curious to build something with it. A small microcontroller that has wifi support and a strong processor is … Continue reading

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Temperature 144 led/m Neopixel WS2812

Use a Digital Temperature Sensor to Control the Temperature of a Neopixel / WS2812B Strip Recently, I started playing with the Neopixel (WS2812B) individually addressable digital led strips. For the project I have in mind the tightly packed 144 led … Continue reading

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Yearly Temperature in New Haven, CT, USA

For some time now I am logging the outside and also my indoor temperatures at my home in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. To record the data I built a weather station (eventually I should write about that too…..) that records … Continue reading

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Car inside and outside temperature sensor

Make it yourself if the car does not have it. The Nissan Versa 2009 I bought does not have an outdoor temperature sensor and the radio did not allow to connect the phone to it. That was both somewhat annoying … Continue reading

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ITN in Österreich

Welchen Rang habe ich bei einem bestimmten ITN? Ich frage mich schon seit längerem welchen Rang ich ca. in Österreich habe. Netterweise gibt es vom ITN Austria auch eine Liste mit allen registrierten Spielern. Ich habe ein paar Datenpunkte aus … Continue reading

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