This was a nice quick project that I think turned out pretty nice. We have a playhouse for the kids in the garden, but I thought we were lacking something for the kids to climb. Unfortunately, there are no real trees or anything where they could get up a bit. So I thought – let’s add wall bars to the back of the play house.

From gardening we had a lot of straight branches that we cut from various bushes in our garden. They made for perfect bars to climb. With the different textures and sizes etc. I think they also add an interesting haptic component for the kids.

Overall, I am very happy with the result, and it makes a nice visual contrast with the natural bars. But see yourself.

Playhouse with wall bars complete.
Detail shot – the bars are just press fit into the holes. So far nice and sturdy.
Making the bars – drilling holes the right size and then pounding in the bars. Alternating sides to keep it symmetrical.

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