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Make your own Scrabble – DIY Scrabble – Only some projects

DIY Puzzle style variation of Scrabble

For a birthday I decided to build my own version of Scrabble, a game I always liked (even though I usually lose). To make some variation to the original game, I decided to make the pieces interlocking by making them in puzzle shape. With access to a lasercutter the whole build was fairly easy as I used the lasercutter to cut the pieces and engrave the text.

I think the result looks pretty good.

Scrabble Game

In terms of building the game, it was pretty easy. Only the lasercutter took ages to finish, as it is a lot of cutting and engraving it has to do. Unlike a regular puzzle, all pieces have the same shape, so that they can be arranged in any order.

Some more pictures of the build and the finished game:

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